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Swann's Way
Marcel Proust, Lydia Davis
Norman Rush
The Unknown University
Roberto Bolaño, Laura Healy
Postmodern Belief: American Literature and Religion since 1960 (20/21)
Amy Hungerford
The Fun Stuff: And Other Essays
James Wood
The Tale of the Unknown Island - José Saramago, Peter Sís, Margaret Jull Costa

Briefly, perhaps my briefest yet: Log of the S.S. the Mrs. Unguentine—lite.


What? You want a real review? Try this one.


Still reading? Cheeses! I know what you want to know. No doubt in my mind. You want to know if if I’m padding my Read list to get current on my 2013 goal. Man, the audacity, some people think they’re entitled to know everything. So, with regard to the matter of catching up to my goal, all I will tell you is