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The Private Lives of Trees - Alejandro Zambra, Megan McDowell

A very brief review of a truly wonderful book.

Sometimes, with experimental fiction, I’m left puzzling over whether my reaction to the book constitutes an experimental success or failure—whether my ‘feelings’ about a title are adequate to the author’s intent (I know, I know)—whether I’ve lived up. With TPLoT, I think I have lived up, or rather, the author compelled me to that place where I can ‘live up.’ The constant, though often subtle, reminders that I’m reading a novel work. A character’s importance shifts from critical to incidental. What really matters really matters. Forward or future memories are as real as those of the past. The ‘hook’ question that initially grabs your attention yields to what is important—it was the answer to the wrong question. Sometimes, everything comes together, and we share.

Not for everyone, perhaps, but definitely for those who can still care.