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Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge - Mem Fox, Julie Vivas Once upon a time, if only in a picture book, a young boy—one Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge—lived next door to an old folk’s home.
description Where he was lucky enough to know all the residents.

”description” Like Mr. Tippett who was crazy about cricket.

But his very favorite resident was Miss Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper, and all because she had four names, like he did. description

After hearing his parents discussing poor Miss Nancy’s loss of memory, Wilfrid asks everyone at the home what a memory is before going in search of those memories because Miss Nancy had lost her own.

He gathers the memories as best he can, and as best as he understands what he’s been told:

And presents them to Miss Nancy. And you know what? Can you imagine?

Well. Wonderful things happen.

Mem Fox’s text and the gentle pastels by Julie Vivas render a beautifully told and depicted insight into aging, but more importantly, sharing.

Once upon my own time, I had the opportunity to place 1000 or so copies of this title into schools through a program where I worked. I knew this would be one of the picture books we’d use the moment I saw it. It’s remained a sentimental favorite since the first time I saw it. Apologies for the inconsistent quality of the reproductions above.

Now I ask you…is it even possible to not love a book brought to you by Mem Fox? description Can’t you just imagine the faces of children in a classroom should she walk in to do a reading?

And I ask you, can you begin to imagine a kinder, gentler person to introduce a child to the world of art than Julie Vivas?

description There are certainly many talented writers and illustrators who’ve chosen to work primarily in the field of Children’s Lit, but for my money these two are among the best.