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The Beast in the Jungle - Henry James

Briefly; it’s a novella after all.

Apparently, enough time had lapsed after reading Proustitute’s fine review and Lee’s (perhaps, due to the good news of his new daughter) and Jesse’s, that I’d completely forgotten the story/novella’s subtext. All well and good. What remained was seeing three reviews for a short Henry James title, and it was a short title I was in need of; I will catch up on my 2013 reading goal, I will dammit. So, when I started reading this story, it wasn’t long before I was thinking: this guy’s gay—he may not admit to it, or feel able to act on it, but there can be no doubt, this guy’s gay. And all I really expected was a nice evening with James’ cozy, beautiful language.

Proustitute mentioned an interesting essay by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick from Epistemology of the Closet; it’s worth checking out, if you’re interested –academic, uninspired, but worthwhile. here. My advice, read the essay after reading the novella and keep a good dictionary at hand.

Four stars, which I might revisit and revise upwardly, but dammit, I’m holding back because the story pursued a path I thought predictable.