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“Sanity is a cozy lie.”—Susan Sontag.

Ever notice that even when you think you know where a story’s going, you really don’t anticipate the road it will take to get there? Just how many left turns you’ll have to make? How many times you’ll have to start over?

Not start the story over. This one isn’t that complicated. Except that it is. Not hard to read, mind you, just more complicated.

In a Brazilian community of indeterminate size toward the end of the 19th century, the progress of science confronts the reality of day-to-day life with all the potential of a horror story but confined to the more practical arena of the absurd.

I know of at least one more review of this one, forthcoming, and which will be much better than this teaser. Meanwhile, 4-stars, only because, eventually, you’ll likely know where it’s going, because all roads lead to Rome that place they’re headed.


I should add that the Melville House 'hybridbook' I read has one of those nifty little, pixilated cubes that lead the adept to their website, when scanned, for additional information, biographical and historical, plus some pictures, and additional fiction by MdA--nice feature. For those less adept, like myself, the website addy is included.