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The Ballad of Dingus Magee - David Markson
“The man was tall and gaunt, with a face like a hastily peeled potato, and he had only one arm, the right one.”

Now I ask you…really, does it get any better than that?

Well, of course it does, somewhere, but it’s entirely fitting in a ‘ribald and bawdy’ farcical myth penned by the great writing team of Sterne, McCarthy, Twain, & Vonnegut.

How the West Was Really Sung

Fast-paced, funny, convoluted, history misunderstood, legend from misunderstood history, every plot element multiplied and re-revealed. Forget the miscast movie, read the book. Chapter epigraphs foreshadow Markson’s later interest in the bare-bones novel of quotes, facts, and list entries.

I can hardly believe it—not one of my GR buddies has marked this title as Read or even To Read. (No wonder some of them are, at times, cranky) Not one of the GR reviewers I follow have marked this as Read or To Read. (Seriously reconsidering the targets of my stalking) Only 64 GR participants have rated it at all. Shameful. Shameful.

Somewhere between 4 and 5 stars, because, dammit, it’s fun. One for when your brain is cramping after IJ, or U, or GR, or whatever you’re laboring with/over now. For the fun of reading the way you read when you were young—before theory, ratings, and reviews.