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Ask me again after I’ve finished Threats: A Novel

How the hell did this happen? How could I go from enjoying a book while reading it to almost total indifference now that I’ve finished it—not once, but twice, and parts of it even more than twice. Dunno. Happens. Sux.

Could all those friends and people whose reviews I follow have been wrong? I prefer not to believe that. That’s why I’m content to think all blame rests with me. Well, most of the blame. Perhaps, after Threats, I’ll know.

I failed the book. I should have paid closer attention to the reviewers who told us these are ‘stories.’ I should have realized that phrases like ‘flash fiction’ and ‘prose poems’ were signs that I was approaching the outer edges of my comfort zone.

The writing is, at times, stunning, and the way some of these brief stories zing the reader off to incredible thought and considerations, is wonderful. I have to say it again: I liked reading this book. But, now, I’m left puzzling: Do I care?

Here’s what I’d like: I like more people to read this book; I think it deserves to be read. But, don’t think of it as a novel in stories—I don’t think it is. And, don’t think of it as a novel in poems, prose or otherwise. Think of it as an opportunity, one that you make of what you will.