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How I Became a Nun - César Aira, Chris Andrews

One likely to piss off some readers. It needn't. It will, it has, but it needn’t.

A precocious little girl (boy), César Aira—not the author, César Aira, or the César Aira who narrates The Literary Conference, but a fictional César Aira who will likely narrate other books by César Aira—recounts the traumatic event which begins her life in a new city before she (he) becomes increasingly distanced from the reality that others participate in. A little mind-fuck of a book given that she (he) narrates the final scene which cannot be discussed without spoiling. Not for everyone; definitely for me. Ponderous.

If it's any consoloation to those who may have attended Catholic schools (and are not quite over it yet), or the religious (the understanding of whom requires more patience than I generally have), or the anti-religious (in the margins of whom I reside), no nuns were harmed in the making of this novel. In fact, no nuns are to be seen anywhere. That might be a spoiler; forget I mentioned it.