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How to Tell Your Friends from the Apes - Will Cuppy, JACKS, P.G. Wodehouse

Humor and satire from the 1920s.

A young buddy of mine, 21 or 22, bright and well-spoken, Libertarian (really! Ask him) recommended this one to me saying it’s funny, sarcastic, etc. ; I’d call it humorous, or better, humor-ish. Humor from another era, gently sarcastic, amusing if you have a taste for this sort of thing. I do. Sometimes. I’m more of a go-for-the-jugular kinda guy. In any case, I’ve exacted my revenge on this poor, unsuspecting fellow—more on that to follow.

Memoirs of the Jukes Family, or Where We Come In—

The Neanderthals lived in groups under an Old Man who would drive out all the likely youths as soon as they were likely. Then the more intelligent girls would stroll off in the same direction to pick wild flowers. They would have clubs.

How to Tell Your Friends from the Apes, or A Monkey a Day—Descriptions of various apes might, might suggest similarities between them and people we know. Don’t dwell on it.

The howling monkey is confined to South America but seems to escape. The back of his head is straight up and down. His howl is caused by a large hyoid bone at the top of the trachea. It can be cured by a simple operation on the neck with an axe.

What I Hate about Spring—Of ornithologists and their quarry—those who menace the author’s Springs (seasons which would be best occupied by writing):

If, in his meanderings through field and wood, one of these persons encounters a Peewee, it thrills him through and through. It really does. For him that day is a red-letter day, a day of days, instinct with something sacred and beautiful that no one, come what may, can ever take away. Personally, whenever I meet one of the darn things I can say and do all that is needful in the time it takes to pick up a brick.

And on it goes. Sections on various mammals are funnier than those on birds.

My revenge? Well, of course I recommended one of my favorites: Blood Meridian. Poor bastard; he’ll never have seen it coming.