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Rhetorical Devices: A Handbook and Activities for Student Writers - Brendan McGuigan

I’d have done well to attend to the subtitle of this text. It really is more geared toward writers than readers. Plenty of rhetorical terms are defined with examples and writing exercises allow writers to practice composition using the devices, but without third-party evaluation of the completed exercises, writers are left wondering about the adequacy of their efforts.

While various rhetorical schemes and tropes are discussed and defined, there’s never mention of what a scheme or trope is, in fact, the terms don’t appear in the text—rather surprising. Also, some rhetorical devices (e.g. hendiadys or catachresis ) are excluded.

It is what it is—a better introduction than review, perhaps best suited for AP students or Intro Rhetoric classes. On the plus side, for readers more interested in reading than writing, it’s a breeze as you can fly past the abundant writing exercises.