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Uncle Sam’s Carnival of Copulating Inanimals - Kirk Jones Okay, 3 books down from the NBAS* and each received 5 stars—are they really that good? Do they hold up to others on my list with 5 stars? Or might I have some sinister, self-serving motive for trivializing my rating system that no one is aware of but me? My criteria for 5 stars is that I liked the book AND that I read it at the right time—so far, that’s happened with the three I’ve read. It’s not science, it’s a snapshot, a picture taken at a point in time—the right point in time. So while I might actually be after Caris’ big shovel—mind outta the gutter, folks, and Steve’s huge Muscle—Cheeses, people! Is there no end to your deprivation?, in the case of little Kirk, my curiosity and pity are focused on his unfortunate lack of a manly moustache and whether or not he uses slipcovers to keep the world safe. So, I suppose I would go down on to the lower level of my house where my library is to retrieve any of them, the one I really want is whatever they write next. Have I outed myself? Is there any question left regarding whether or not I’m a reader? If you really must know, the reasons for giving them each the 5 stars is that they’re each funny, they’re each smart, they’re all decent people (although the jury’s still out on Christ on a cracker! Did you really think I’d spoil my spoiler?), and not only that, I fully intend to give whatever next I read from the series the same rating—I don’t want to come home to any of these crazed buggers sitting on my front porch with their threatening books in hand, exposed to my neighbors, given all the effort that’s gone into making those neighbors understand that I will not sneak up on them and read to them while they’re not looking. ‘Nuff said.

If you really want to read something informative about USCoCI, I’d suggest reading Kirk’s own review here which he’s graciously provided and considerately left unrated. Others may want to check out the NBAS Group to learn even more. Thanks Kirk, it was fun to read.

*New Bizarro Author Series