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Wolves Dressed as Men - Steve  Lowe

OK. So I’ve finished it. What to say? What to say? What do you say when you’ve finished a book read somewhat reluctantly? A genre-novel, to boot. Not only a genre-novel—but, but, a horror novel. Well, not exactly a horror novel, more like a suspense novel. Except, it’s really more of a horror-meets-suspense-meets-detective novel.

My experience with horror novels is minimal—Frankenstein and Dracula. I’ve gotta coupla Gothic novels under the belt, and the current GR genre-designation frenzy suggests those Gothic novels are a sub-genre of Horror. OK. (An aside—I think this new “Explore Books by Genre” feature is perfect, just freakin’ perfect—for those whose TBR list needs to hit the gabillion mark after a machine recommends additional titles they can add to their list of not-yet-reads, flooding the homepages of their friends, and qualifying them for Top Not-Yet Reader distinction under their photographs on their home page—but that’s just my opinion. I tend, instead, to believe the reliable reviewers I’ve Friended or follow, and my TBR list grows just fine from your many suggestions).

So, Steve’s little horror novella. It not only works, it works very well. POV shifts with the chapters, scenes overlap with various POVs, characters are as believable as you could hope for, denouement isn’t predictable. A Tracker, his sympathetic prey, a has-been reporter, and others render up a fine story at break-neck speed. Well-drawn characters? They’re there. Social commentary? It’s in there, in that perpetually aflame city with no name. What more could you ask? Dark, and yet, the author allows in bits of the humor we expect from him. Get it, and read it.