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No Country for Old Tricksters, or Cheetahs? Really? When there are perfectly good pumas at hand

The Counselor: A Screenplay - Cormac McCarthy

Who hasn't picked up a text by Cormac McCarthy expecting a fun-filled laugh-fest, fit for the entire family? Yes. A real crowd pleaser that Cormac. We've all been there. So you can imagine, I was slightly bummed out when two of the protagonists kept a pair of cheetahs, (Cheetahs!) I think he was toying with me.


More importantly, this is the first McCarthy I can remember with a sex scene, really, a sex scene that doesn't involve watermelons. If you want to know more about that scene, you'll  have to...


...and here you are, reading more. So the sex scene, done with the characteristic McCarthy punctuation paucity. I have to admit, a scene where part of the dialogue is: "Ooh. God. Yes. Yes. Ooh."--but without exclamation marks (!!!), or italics, or bold CAPS implies tremendous faith in the ability of Penelope Cruz to pull it off--so to speak, but, frankly, it looks kinda odd. A further nod toward his stylistic conventions, given the limited text he has to work with, is the absence of apostrophes in his contractions--I know, I know, some people just cant get used to that, it wont do. Like Cormac, I appreciate the lack of page clutter. On the other hand, I'm more comfortable using the apostrophes, and probably won't stop.


So a few quotes, because I like quotes (and look forward to a time when Booklikes makes blockquoting available and/or explains to me, in detail, how to accomplish them):


What was meant to be a union remains forever untrue and we see a troubling truth in that the forms of undertakings are complete at their beginnings. For good or ill.


When gods were more human men were more divine.


I think that truth has no temperature.


Because you dont know someone until you know what they want.


They will rip out your liver and eat it in front of your dog.


Alles Vergänglich is nur ein Gleichnis, as Goethe has it. Everything that perishes is but a likeness. That's really Plato on wheels.


Just a handful of quotes, which hopefully, will give you little-to-no idea what to expect from the movie (or, film, if you must). Patchy, uber-violent, twisted. Anyone who liked No Country for Old Men (book or film) will likely enjoy this one. Conversely, ...


And one more totally irrelevant quote, but one that got me thinking:


I kept waking up thinking you were there. I could smell your perfume on the sheets. I had such an enormous erection I had to get out of bed in order to turn over.


Now I know what you're thinking, at least I know if you've followed the enormous career and been humbled impressed by the tremendous screen presence of Michael Fassbender: typecasting. I thought the same thing.